Valleys to Coast (V2C) Case Study

Sector: Registered Social Landlord


  • Postal Questionnaires
  • In-Home Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Online Surveys
  • Full Reporting
  • Presentations


The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) is a standard the Welsh Assembly Government expects all social housing to meet by 2012. The WHQS addresses the physical conditions of properties as well as social, environmental and economic concerns. WHQS aims to ensure that tenants live in dwellings that are:

  • In a good state of repair;
  • Safe and secure;
  • Adequately heated, fuel efficient and well insulated;
  • Equipped with up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms;
  • Well managed (for rented housing);
  • Located in attractive and safe environments;
  • Suited to the specific requirements of the household.

In order to improve housing stock to WHQS levels, many local authorities chose to transfer their stock to new Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).

In September 2003, Valleys to Coast Housing Association was the first large scale voluntary transfer association in Wales. V2C manage approximately 5,800 rented homes and around 760 leasehold properties.

The Brief:

The purpose of the survey was to establish levels of satisfaction of accommodation and services among its tenants, and also assess the environment in which the homes are situated and the standard of management they expect and require from their landlord.

The results from this survey were used as a benchmark against a previous survey carried out by V2C in 2007. A questionnaire proposed by V2C was therefore used to enable comparisons.

As part of this assessment rmg:Clarity undertook three methods to ensure its statistical reliability:

  • Postal Surveys
  • In-Home Face-to-Face Surveys
  • Online Surveys

The Project:

The research involved an in-depth postal survey posted to all tenants of V2C – c: 5,800, together with top-up in-home interviews and online survey to boost response rates. The research and full reporting and presentations were completed in December 2010.

5,545 questionnaires were despatched to V2C tenants:

  • 1,216 postal questionnaires were returned
  • 6 interviews were conducted face-to-face with tenants unable to complete the postal survey

45 questionnaires were completed online

1,267 surveys were completed in total, which equates to a 23% response rate.


Valleys to Coast commissioned RMG:Clarity to undertake the tenants’ survey on our behalf. During the tender process rmg:Clarity demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs and were able to offer flexibility around the collection of the data. The work undertaken by RMG:Clarity and the valuable information gained from more than 25% of our tenants’ means that we now have a better insight into how satisfied our tenants are with the services that we provide. With RMG:Clarity’s help we are now carrying out further segmentation of this data to identify strengths, weaknesses and trends in order to create an action plan to continue to improve our performance over the next few years.

Darryl Rees
Senior Performance Office
Valleys to Coast Housing

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